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Axind PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution

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The world's simplest TnA solution

Time-and-Action calendars / Workflow / Critical path / Project management

TnA management is at the heart of all processes in the Fashion and Lifestyle industries. It is the link between all the steps from the order to the delivery of goods. It is of utmost importance that TnAs be easy-to-use, provide a real insight into the day-to-day processes of the company.


Axind PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution


Plan, develop, source and ship your collections on-time

Product lifecycle management, collection planning, techpack creation, order management and more

Your customers are demanding innovation, enhanced quality, and more variety in design. Product development and release time are shortening. Ever more aggressive competitors pull your customers in all directions.


Axind PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution


One product catalogue and a single inventory for all your sales channels

One system for own shops or franchise retail, wholesale, ecommerce B2B & B2C and your websites

Fashion retail today is a challenging environment. You need to exploit each sales channel effectively while keeping the complexity within control. There is also pressure to increase margins along with a need for differentiation through targeted promotions. Huge efforts go into reducing out-of-stock and optimizing Inventory-to-Sales ratio.



It is very easy to create TNA from .csv format. Each users updation of their activities help our users to organize their regular tasks We have been using WebTnA for a while and found it to suit our needs well.

Mohana Sundaram

General Manager
Compass Tex India Private Limited
Axind testimonial Mohammad Ijlal Shamsi

Ever since I came into the business over 15+ years ago I have been struggling with getting work done by people. Our Moradabad manufacturing industry is based on lot of reminders and follow ups.

Mohammad Ijlal Shamsi

COO & Partner
Paramount Home Collections, Moradabad, India
Axind testimonial Bruno Cocchi

When we saw ChainReaction, we knew we had found the value-for-money Buying Offices integration system we were looking for.

Bruno Cocchi

ICT Director
OVS / GruppoCoin, Maestre, Italy
Axind testimonial Hanneke Timmermans

Chainreaction screens have a very clear layout. It has many possibilities and in due course we are using more and more built-in functions of the program then originally planned. The program is very extensive with which we can perform all the actions as from the request of the proto sample till shipping in-house.

Hanneke Timmermans

System Administrator
Garcia Jeans B.V., Alblasserdam, The Netherlands
Axind testimonial Jane Pritchard

Why did we choose Axind and Chain Reaction? That’s easy! We wanted a system that could do exactly what we wanted the way we wanted. Not a system where we had to do it the system’s way.

Jane Pritchard

RASC Manager
HSTTS / MTS, Leeds, UK
Axind testimonial Kevin Ireland

We evaluated many alternatives before deciding on ChainReaction to communicate product specifications, technical drawings, bills of materials, cost estimates, and packaging information. ChainReaction also enables us to prepare RFQ’s and to deliver precise specifications to all our suppliers – an important step in delivering quality.

Kevin Ireland

Managing Director
Indospan Marketing Services Private Limited
Axind testimonial Manish Laungani

Easy to understand, use, implement. even easier to train our staff. and the best part with Axind is the support ( 24X7)

Manish Laungani

91 degrees
Axind testimonial Narinder Mahajan

We have selected AXIND’s ChainReaction PLM+ for its range of functionality. It enables us to manage every aspect of the process, including merchandise planning, product development, requests for quotes from suppliers, quality management, and purchase order management.

Narinder Mahajan

Axind testimonial Olga Koel

This cloud-based (POS) solution features what most retail businesses will want without overwhelming them; providing all the necessary features and everything a business needs to sU1cceed as sohware goes.

Olga Koel

Managing Director
Axind testimonial Rajiv Mehta

Being the CEO of a start-up is difficult enough without having to learn the technical nuances of IT systems in the business ecosystem. Axind has helped our company migrate to a well-defined process oriented PLM tool.

Rajiv Mehta

Arvind Sports Lifestyle & Arvind Fashion Brands
Axind testimonial Shantunu Dugar

There are few companies for which one would like to willingly go out of one’s way to give a review. Axind Software is certainly one of them.

Shantunu Dugar

Founder and CEO
Nauti Nati, Gurgaon

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