Why WebTnA?

The benefits of using WebTnA

Your TnA (Time and Action calendar) is the pulse of your business. Make sure it is world-class. WebTnA brings you a quick setup, ease of use and unmatched insight and control of your TnAs.
Why WebTnA

Increased control with single-screen status

See all your running TnAs in a single screen! Want to see all running orders of a particular customer, a business unit, a vendor? Want to your TnAs per product, per activity? All possible in the dashboards.

Real-time connection with the team with LIVE chat

In the current highly competitive environment, delays are unaffordable. You need a constant connection with each member of your team, wherever they are. The live, instant chat from desktop or mobile makes this possible. Exchange messages, pictures, audio notes and documents instantly.

Enhanced productivity with individual calendars

Each user can view their activities in the form of a list and in the form of a monthly or weekly calendar. This makes it easy to see all looming deadlines.

Reduction in errors with daily reminder emails

Each user also gets a single reminder email every day. This email lists out the pending activities of the user. The email has “action buttons” to close activities and/or send messages within the email itself. The layout of the email can be set by the users themselves.

Always available on your desktop or mobile

WebTnA has a mobile app which can be downloaded from the respective Apple or Google stores. This app has dashboards showing the status of all running TnAs relevant to the user as well as the complete list of his/her activities.

Measure productivity with scorecards

Stop wondering how efficient each merchandiser / team-member is; finally, here is an objective tool to measure performance. See how your vendors measure up, your team’s comparative performance.

Integrated with your systems with our open API

Systems don’t exist in isolation; you can easily integrate with our open API (Application Programing Interface). Talk to us, we are happy to help.
Sanjoy Sahgal (www.linkedin.com/in/sanjoy-sahgal) is the CEO of AXIND Software Private Limited (www.axind.com), a provider of Technology for Fashion. Contact him directly at sanjoy.sahgal@axind.com.