What is WebTnA?

Your TnAs (Time and Action calendars) on the web

Axind is a software company which develops its own products for the worldwide fashion industry since 2004. We were recognized twice by Gartner for the workflow/TnA component of our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Over the years, we have seen companies completely transform themselves with the successful implementation of our TnAs.
Worldwide, Fashion is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and pretty much everyone uses TnAs (Time and Action calendars) for managing their sourcing and other processes. And Excel® TnAs are by far the most commonly used.
What is WebTnA
Excel® is a brilliant package and extremely useful, but when it comes to TnAs, it is a disaster! How do you share information? How can each user see what they must do and when? How do you get warnings when things are running late? How do you do an analysis of where you went wrong and how do you improve? Year-in and year-out there is panic, extreme stress and unforeseen problems. There is no “learning”, no “improvement”, the same crisis situations happen each year.
We decided that we have to fight a crusade against the use of Excel® and convince people that there is a better way. We decided to create a separate product just for managing TnAs, WebTnA. The emphasis was on quick setup, ease of use and an open API for integration with any other system. Finally, there is an alternative to Excel®; WebTnA®.
A humorous side note: We were extremely happy and quite surprised to be able to get the URL www.webtna.com. It turns out that it was a pornographic website which was given up just recently! Of course, we have since changed the details of the listing. 😉
Sanjoy Sahgal (www.linkedin.com/in/sanjoy-sahgal) is the CEO of AXIND Software Private Limited (www.axind.com), a provider of Technology for Fashion. Contact him directly at sanjoy.sahgal@axind.com.