Saving time with WebTnA

How can WebTnA help in saving your time?

One obvious business truth is that time is our most precious resource. Time is limited--once gone, it’s gone forever. So, use it well; use it wisely. Find ways to save time by no longer wasting it on mundane tasks. Use this time, instead, for only really important activities.
Here’s where Axind ‘s WebTnA can help you. WebTnA is our product to manage Time and Action calendars (TnAs) on the web.
Saving time with WebTnA
WebTnA can really help you save time in the following ways:
  • Time wasted in matching different versions of Excel® files.
  • Time wasted in opening huge Excel® files to find what you need.
  • Time wasted in searching the same Excel® for what must be done, and by when.
  • Time wasted in collating different Excel® files in order to make internal or customer status reports.
  • Time wasted in calling team members to ask for information.
  • Time wasted when people forget what must be done.
  • Time wasted in last-minute panic which could have been avoided, if only you had been warned in time.
  • Time wasted in going through old emails and WhatsApp conversations to trace what went wrong, or why you have a claim from a customer?
  • Time wasted when people don’t know what has to be done today and every day.
  • Time wasted in finding out the cause of delays.
  • Time wasted in evaluation of team-members.
  • Time wasted in figuring out the up-to-the-minute status of your business.
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