ERPs and WebTnA

Relationship between WebTnA and ERPs

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and refers to an integrated set of applications to manage a business. Currently it is used to refer to any legacy system used by an organization which covers more than a single functional area.
WebTnA has been carefully designed to work with existing ERP systems and add value to them. You can use WebTnA to enhance your current fashion ERP system or replace your current TnA system with the rich functionality that WebTnA has on offer.
At the simplest level, you can export your orders from your current Fashion ERP system and import it into WebTnA, thereby automatically creating TnAs. You can also email the list to, whereby the TnAs will automatically be uploaded in the system. Of course, you do need to match the list of fields in your export document with the fields created by you in WebTnA.
ERPs and WebTnA
For more advanced integrations please contact . We can integrate WebTnA with your ERP in more sophisticated ways (using the WebTnA API) including:
  • Automatic creation of users, activities and TnAs
  • Automatic closing of activities in WebTnA as work is completed in your ERP
  • Present data-input forms to WebTnA users and sending the acquired data back to your ERP
Of course, your IT team can directly use the WebTnA API for integration with your ERP systems.
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