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What is WebTnA?

WebTnA enterprise


API for integration

Use our standard API to automate functionality and link into your in-house systems. Many of our customers use WebTnA Enterprise to link diverse in-house systems to their TnAs.

  • Goods receipt in your warehouse can automatically close the goods receipt activity in the TnA
  • Fetch activity closure information / dashboard information into your business intelligence (BI) system

Scorecards to compare users, teams, vendors etc.

The evaluation and comparison of users is always a challenge in this industry. WebTnA Enterprise gives you the tools to compare users / teams / business units / customers / vendors performance objectively. Many of our customers use these scores for their employee appraisal


"Special" activities to deliver enhanced functionality

The typical activity in a TnA is just an open/close type with comments and attachments. WebTnA Enterprise gives you standard “special” activities which are programs that popup on your desktop or mobile giving additional functionality.

  • An “Approval” activity with the possibility of repeating some activities on “Rejection” while allowing normal behaviour on “Approval”
  • An “AQL inspection” activity which leads the user through all the screens of a complete inspection, allowing the capturing of defect pictures on the mobile
  • A “Production monitor” activity to capture the daily pieces cut/sewn/packed etc. at the vendor factory

Integrate into your customer and vendor systems

Some ”Special” activities are available for this and custom ones can be created.


Custom "special" activities

”Special” activities can be created to perform any kind of functionality that you may require.


Custom solutions on top of WebTnA

Most business processes can be measured and controlled through TnAs. With WebTnA Enterprise custom solutions can be created which use the power of WebTnA

  • Factory line quality management system to record the defects per line and display the result via line monitors and dashnoards


Q. What is a Time-and-Action calendar (TnA)? keyboard_arrow_down
A Time-and-Action calendar (TnA) maps out the steps (activities) in a process and consists of several interrelated activities. Each activity has one or more owners, and a planned and actual date of completion.