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Personal productivity with WebTnA

Personal productivity with WebTnA

How WebTnA can enhance your efficiency and make your work easier

As an individual user working in a company, it’s nice to know what you need to do each day with one glance. WebTnA’s personal calendar gives you just this—all your activities for the day, the week, etc. become available in one place. They’re even viewable as a list which can be easily filtered per customer, brand, etc. for a clearer overview (for example, if you’re a quality assurance person going to visit a factory, you can simply print out a list of everything that needs to be done there.). You can also export your calendar to Outlook. You can close activities, and you can add messages to the calendar itself.
Every day, WebTnA’s sends every user a single email, listing out the pending work. No need to search Excel® files; no looking for lists. Everything you need is right there in your inbox, with timely reminders so you don’t miss anything.
With WebTnA, you can be either an “owner” of an activity, or an “observer” (e.g. management). For both types of responsibilities, you can setup when you want a reminder, and how many reminders you want. For example, you could say that you want a single reminder if any critical activity is delayed by three days or more.
With the Dashboard feature, you easily get an overview of all your To-Dos. You can add messages or close activities directly to the dashboard, too.
Use scorecards for an element of healthy competition. You can measure yourself against the other users in your company; teams can check their progress against each other, and comparisons can be drawn between different business units, customers, etc.
Let us help you become super-productive. Switch to WebTnA today.
Sanjoy Sahgal (www.linkedin.com/in/sanjoy-sahgal) is the CEO of AXIND Software Private Limited (www.axind.com), a provider of Technology for Fashion. Contact him directly at sanjoy.sahgal@axind.com.


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